Paper A5

Light bullets formation in a bulk media

A. B. Blagoeva, S. G. Dinev, A. A. Dreischuh, A. Naidenov


The conditions for the formation of a light bullet pulse, propagating with nearly constant spatial and temporal parameters in a bulk nonlinear medium, are obtained. A pump and probe pulse configuration using an induced phase modulation (IPM) is used. The IPM effect provides a well-controllable spatial and temporal trapping of the probe pulse. The authors derive analytical expressions for the critical parameters of the system, incorporating input power, pulse duration, pump and probe beam radii, medium parameters, etc. The system parameters analyzed are rather general and include varying pump and probe pulse durations and delay. The constant parameters of the light formation are shown to be limited by the walk-off effect. An analytical balance condition is obtained for the spatial and temporal soliton-like formation.