Paper A82

Formation of multi-spot focal arrays by square-shaped optical vortex lattices

M. Zhekova, G. Maleshkov, L. Stoyanov, I. Stefanov, G. G. Paulus, and A. Dreischuh


In this work, we present numerical simulations and experimental evidence for the creation of controllable multi-spot focal arrays composed of bright beams with flat phase profiles. The input phase structures sent to spatial light modulators were square-shaped optical vortex (OV) lattices containing hundreds of vortices. In order to stabilize each of these lattices in space, all used OVs were singly charged and their topological charges varied alternatively across the structures. It is proven that the OV lattice node spacing can be used as a control parameter for reshaping the generated multi-spot focal arrays. Each peak of these arrays is shown to be able to additionally host a singular beam.