Paper A85

Generation of long range low-divergent Gauss–Bessel beams by annihilating optical vortices

L. Stoyanov, M. Zhekova, A. Stefanov, B. Ivanov, I. Stefanov, G. G. Paulus, and A. Dreischuh


Bessel beams are remarkable since they do not diverge. Accordingly, they have numerous applications ranging from precision laser micro-machining to laser particle acceleration. We demonstrate a novel approach for generating long-range Gauss–Bessel beams. A ring-shaped beam is produced by imprinting a vortex with high topological charge in a Gaussian beam. The phase singularities are thereafter removed and the ring-shaped beam focused/Fourier-transformed by a thin lens. This results in a remarkably good realization of a Gauss–Bessel beam. Divergence angles in the microradian range and Gauss–Bessel beam lengths up to 2.5 m behind the focal plane of the lens are demonstrated.