Paper A86

Long-range quasi-non-diffracting Gauss-Bessel beams in few-cycle laser field

L. Stoyanov, Y. Zhang, A. Dreischuh, and G. G. Paulus


Many applications ranging from nonlinear optics to material processing would benefit from pulsed ultrashort (quasi-)non-diffracting Gauss-Bessel beams (GBBs). Here we demonstrate a straightforward yet efficient method for generating such zeroth- and first-order GBBs using a single reflective spatial light modulator. Even in the sub-8-fs range there are no noticeable consequences for the measured pulse duration. The only effect is a weak "coloring" of the outer-lying satellite rings of the beams due to the spectrum spanning over more than 300 nm. The obtained beams have diffraction half-angles below 40 μrad and reach propagation distances in excess of 1.5 m.