Konstantin Stamenov - In Memoriam

picture of Konstantin Stamenov

1925 - 2003

This site is dedicated to the memory of docent Konstantin Stamenov.

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Konstantin Stamenov on 10th of January 2003 at Sofia.

On 28 of January 2003 the faculty board decided auditorium No 428 in the building B to be called "Auditorium docent Stamenov"

Fund named for docent Konstantin Stamenov
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Contributions to the Fund "Konstantin Stamenov"
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We will be collecting here contributions, reminiscences, condolence and obituaries of docent Konstantin Stamenov, the founder of Quantum Electronics department and the Institute of Lasers at University of Sofia.

If you wish to contribute please mail to stamenov-inmemoriam@bulgaria.com .

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